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The Truth About Rosa: Wells, Graham, Morgan, Smith, Browder, Colvin, McDonald, Robinson

We’ve all heard of Rosa Parks and her extraordinary feat. She stood up to racism and segregation by refusing to move to the back of the bus. What made her do it? Well she was tired, fed up and one day decided not to move when the bus driver told her. It’s the story that we’ve all heard but it’s not the whole story. Truth, Rosa Parks had been working all day. Truth, she was probably very tired. Also true, she was fed up with the inequitable system of segregation like most Blacks who lived during this time.  Yes, she stayed put when a driver told her to move. Why should she move when her seat was already in the Blacks only section?  Also true, the driver moved the sign to accommodate the quickly filling bus so that Whites could have a seat. Rosa Parks was arrested, started the boycott and the rest is HIS-tory. Blacks were free to ride the bus, segregation ended and everyone lived happily ever after. Right?