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Raising Muslim Children Under A Trump Presidency

I had decided I was going to ignore talking about Trump to my kids as the election grew closer. I don’t know what I wanted to accomplish, by doing that, I guess I was thinking don’t feed the troll. Throughout the early months of the election I would chortle and laugh every time he came onto my screen. I never thought Americans in 2017 would be dumb enough to vote for someone so utterly ignorant, arrogant, and outright racist. However, as time wore on,  I felt this joke was actually becoming very unfunny and likely would end with what we have today. In hindsight, it was a bad idea not discussing this with my children since they’re school age. Social media, smartphones, and a vicious 24 hour news cycle meant that it would get back to them some how. Yet I continued on in bliss until one day, my son and daughter came home from school one day upset and looking for answers. My son, Salahudeen, pleadingly looked at me with his big brown innocent eyes and said, "Mommy, my friend