I'm A Teacher

I’m a teacher,
I’m suppose to impart knowledge,
Give historical analysis,
Make your head spin with my
Analytical hypothesis.

I teach about the leaders,
Pharaohs and Temples,
False prophets,
Mind boggling inventions
The truth spit with the best of intentions.

I make you think critically,
Challenge you mentally,
Focus on the hypocritical,
Western perspective
Then I give you a different elective.


It’s not my job to be a preacher,
To teach em manners,
That ain’t teaching to standards.

Nor is it my job when summer ends,
To clean up the dust bunnies with mouse poop blends,

But it begins,

All the things that ain’t my job to do,
Are all the things you expect me to,
And I want to because if not me, then who?

I keep em from going on fighting sprees.
Cause many don’t know they got PTSD,
Too many walking and thinking they’re free,
Forgetting that liberation and education don't always work synonymously.

Teaching through pain,
Teaching in their name,
Teaching for the future,
Hoping my teaching ain't in vain.

Fighting off the image they see,
Fighting for the right to be me,
Fighting so my light shine bright.
Fighting so they understand our plight,
Fighting cause I only know how to fight.

And I think my fighting don't matter,
Because really their Black Lives Don't Matter.

And poor Whites get shortchanged too,
That's why they out marching with the crew.

And the Latinos strive for a humble piece of the pie, but they blocking the progress don't want em to try.

Deny if you want to but our numbers don't lie.

Wrong class,
Wrong Race,
When will the unloved ever learn their place?

I'm a teacher,
Giving up not an option.
Crying ain't either,
The tears swiped when no one’s watching.

But I won't stop now,
The dream won't die.
Imma give em their wings
So their dreams can fly.


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