Dear White Liberals: America Was Built On White Supremacy

Dear White Liberals,

I’ve been watching you on my timeline, in the comments, and on the news and I’ve come to the conclusion that your naivete and own latent racism is the reason we are still fighting a war that should have ended over 152 years ago. 

White liberals, you have failed to come to terms with the inhumanity of this country and the living document we use to govern it. A document that was written by this Nation’s slave owning heroes who while simultaneously declaring all men were equal, kept thousands in bondage themselves.

We teach our children all of the warm and fuzzy things that make them feel good inside so that they never have to be confronted with the immorality of our past and what gave birth to their very presence.

You have a hard time letting go of Abraham Lincoln as a great White savior because you leave no space for complicated liberal men with racist tendencies. So you quote the Gettysburg Address and you say the war was fought to end slavery when you know very well that’s a lie. Lincoln has gone on record many times about his main concern being to preserve the Union as well as extolling the superiority of the White race. The only one’s fighting over slavery was the South themselves who wished to preserve it and the Black Union soldiers who were finally allowed to join the war as a political tactic on Lincoln’s end. 

You enthusiastically celebrate and heroicize Columbus, a murderer, plunderer and rapist. Columbus, an opportunist and charlatan who stumbled upon the Caribbean and South American coastline because he wanted cheaper access to Asian spices and goods. Those precious comfort items guarded and taxed by the pesky Ottomans who finally ended Roman power and controlled the gateway to Asia, the Silk Road.
You teach our children that their history started with slavery and you teach your children that everybody is equal but Whites are exceptional. You mention the hard work of your ancestors and their perseverance to support that lie. Then you teach your children to “not see color” so they can grow up and lament over Blacks making "everything about race".

You move out of the cities and live in cushy homes in the suburbs as part of white flight so you can live the American Dream never understanding that your suburban existence has created the very ghettos that you feel sorry about.

White liberalism is a bastion of well meaning White people who hide their white supremacist beliefs under the cloak of multiculturalism and diversity. Both the former and the latter only meant in terms of total assimilation of people of color into White society. It’s why Native Americans were put into Indian boarding schools and had their language and culture stripped from them. It’s why you honor liberal war hero Andrew Jackson despite his murderous campaigns against Native Americans and their removal from ancestral lands.

It’s why you watched the protests last night and today in Charlottesville horrified. Why you posted on Facebook that this is not an America you want to live in. It’s why you posted on Twitter that this is now the “New Normal”. It’s why you blame Donald Trump alone for this uptick in racial violence.

You’ve lived far too long with your rose colored “I don’t see color” blinders on and now they’ve been cracked. You’ve lied to yourself and your offspring for so long that the lie became your truth. The lie of the pilgrim seeking refuge from religious persecution, coming to the New World, building a life alongside the Indians who unfortunately died of disease, and through innovation, invention, and democracy, built a great nation. It’s the lie of the flag, the U.S. flag, not the Confederate. The lie of the “Star Spangled Banner”. The lie of patriotism at all cost. It’s the lie that you’re mad at Colin Kaepernick because he’s disrespecting the troops. It's the lie that this is not America when you know very well violence and racism is woven into the very fabric of our society.

I could go on and on about the lies you’ve told but I’ll let Ta-Nehisi finish up, “the elevation of the belief in being white, was not achieved through wine tastings and ice cream socials, but rather through the pillaging of life, liberty, labor, and land; through the flaying of backs; the chaining of limbs, the strangling of dissidents; the destruction of families; the rape of mothers; the sale of children…”

The total brutality we witnessed today IS America. It’s not the new normal, it’s the Black normal. It’s the Native normal. It’s the Chinese normal (circa 1882). It’s the Muslim normal. The Arab normal. The Latino normal. It’s the confiscation of Mexican lands through war, later morphing into California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, now “immigrants” in their own ancestral home. It’s the racist army in WWI and WWII that forced Black troops to eat, sleep, and fight apart from White American soldiers then return home to be hanged because they dared to walk with uniforms on while demanding their rights. It’s the dead bodies of Rekia Boyd, Trayvon Martin, David Jones, Korryn Gaines, Aiyana Jones It’s the fact that my own last name, Ridgeway, is the last name of the White slave masters who owned my family in Alabama. It’s the unwillingness to acknowledge that the Civil War never ended and the North never won, a myth that should have died with Booth’s gun to Lincoln’s head.

White liberals, if you want to be allies, you must stop pointing fingers at the Republicans and Conservatives and deal with your own racist past and present.

An ally, would not have been the least bit surprised at what happened today.

An ally, would be posting about the historical events that have led up to today.

An ally, would be discussing the fact that the media fails to call this exactly what it is, domestic terrorism.

You’re not an ally.

If you were an ally, you would move into areas that are predominately Black and have no chance in the next ten years of six digit jumps in housing prices to educate yourself and your children from first hand experience.

If you were an ally, you would be having “the talk” with your children from the view of a former participant of this White supremacist system in the similar vein that I have “the talk” with my children from the perspective of descendants of the African diaspora.

There is more I could say here but I fear that you’ve already stopped reading after paragraph two and if you haven’t I’ll cue the calls of reverse racism in 5….4….3...2...1. I’m also sure you’ll bring up the false premise of Black on Black crime while ignoring the stats which show 81.3% of White victims are also killed by other Whites. You’ll mention how violent Black people are while overlooking the Holocaust, Black Codes, Slave Trade, Lynchings, WWI, WWII, 100 Years War, King Leopold's Reign of Terror in Africa, and the Native killing dogs used by the Conquistadors just to name a few. You’ll mention how Blacks always resort to violence while failing to discuss the sports and pumpkin riots that sometimes overtake suburban America.

Let it out. Your rebuttals say less about me and Black people and more about you and your need to protect your precious Whiteness.

Dear white liberal. The ball’s in your court...respond accordingly. For those ready to get to work, consider checking out Safety Pin Box.


  1. You're right on all counts. Our work has been cut out for us for a long time.

  2. you are so right Keziah. Keep preaching. We need to hear it on the regular.

    1. I love you and your willingness to listen <3. It's an emotional thing to share but it's one of the things that gives me relief from the dispair, pain, and helplessness that I sometimes feel in these moments.

  3. I agree with everything you have written and am a liberal white male. Please do note that not every white liberal is the stereotype that you describe. I would hope that you teach your children that not all white people are bad in the same way that I teach my son that not all blacks are bad.

    1. Stop pulling that "not all white people" nonsense and learn to accept and understand that yes, all white people are part of the problem. If your immediate response to everything is too push back and say "some of us are okay though!" then you're not listening and you're not helping anything

    2. Amy,
      Not once do I teach hate and inequality to my child. My child is being brought up to NOT SEE color. I come from an underprivileged home. The kids in my neighborhood were getting drugs at young ages. I was in many cases close to being a teen parent. Not once when I was being raised did my parents say anything about whites being better than blacks. There were no innuendos and my parents made sure to keep me away from people that believed those things. I TRULY believe that what keeps us from gaining any positive ground are groups from BOTH sides. There is only one race and that is the HUMAN race. BTW, I am listening, it just takes more than one party to make changes in society.

    3. I believe one of her points is that it would be more helpful if white liberals would actually raise their children to SEE color. To see and acknowledge color and all that it implies. To be 'colorblind' is to look at, but not see, so much of another human's being.

    4. Philip, you have completely missed the point of this entire post and actually just proved that the White Liberal I was speaking about exists.

      First, I don't have to teach my child that not all White people are bad people considering they have a great example of a knowledgeable, woke, and kind hearted White person as their father. His existence in our life is the anti-thesis to the White Liberal I described above and indeed you.

      Sir, teaching your children to NOT SEE color is part of the problem. There's NOTHING wrong with seeing color. Our various skin tones are the VERY thing that makes us unique. What becomes the issue is seeing color and making assumptions and forming opinions based on that alone. That's racism plain and simple.

      Again, not seeing color means that you're teaching your children to ignore racism and its aftermath. When a Black person says respect me, stop beating me, stop killing me, your child will see it as Black people "being racist" which is impossible. That shows just how enschonced you are in the White supremacist society.

      Please go back and reread my post, then subrscribe to Safety Pin Box so you can cure yourself of the disease of "Racism" and work actively to eradicate it from society.

      Here's another hint, coming to a Black Muslim Woman's blog to tell me not all White men is actually very messed up considering the pain and suffering many of us are feeling in this moment.

      Do better.

  4. Very important, I will consider the power of my words a bit more carefully. Being a Jew with great grandparents having fled Poland and Hungary in the 1930's, I am well aware of what ignoring racial and religious violence can do. We must always be watchful, and always take it seriously. It makes me a little angry when I hear people say "well, it won't be another holocaust". They are never Jewish, those who say that to me. Just like goyim must listen to Jewish and Muslim voices, those of us with white privilege, however conditional it is, must listen to black and brown voices.

    Differences make us beautiful and interesting and strong. Being hateful towards differences, for whatever reason, is a weakness and a sickness of the soul. We should not allow it to spread, and if that means punching a few Nazi's unconscious, that's just a bonus.

    Never Again.

    1. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

      I often times feel the biggest problem is folks don't listen because they're afraid their entire world view will change.

      I hope that last weekends events will lead more to listen with open ears and lead with compassion.


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