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On Radical Self-Care, Hot Chocolate and Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books

Can we leave in 2017 the narrative that we don't support Black businesses. Black people will show up and show out for our own, especially when the business is well executed and filling a void within the community. Case and point, the opening of Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books by Marc Lamont Hill in Uptown Philly. UBCB is the only Black owned coffee shop and bookstore that I have knowledge of in the Germantown/Uptown area.  In a social media age where print publications are going out of business and bookstores are dwindling, it was definitely a gamble betting on books in an area of the city where I'm sure most would wrongly assume people don't read. As a professor at Temple University, one of the hot beds for gentrification in the city, it would have been so much more expedient and less risky to open a store there first. The fact that Dr. Hill chose Germantown to launch this enterprise, a neighborhood that is not actually on the city's most hip and rich places