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International Women's Day: Malika Bilal

If I had to choose one woman that I'd want my daughters to look up to that's on our television screen, it would without hesitation be Malika Bilal! If you're interested in watching unbiased news and have become an avid viewer of Al Jazeera English, then you're already quite familiar with Malika Bilal.  Malika is one of the first Black hijab wearing news anchors, and probably the first in the United States. She's educated, well traveled, and most importantly, she shows young girls all over the world that you can be successful in a career while remaining true to religious and cultural values. I first "met" Malika a few years ago when I got to appear on Al Jazeera to speak about the controversial video "Somewhere in America - Mipsterz". I was in awe of her effortless delivery and cool demeanor! Though I'd only met her through a video stream, I felt an immense warmness from her that made me feel as if I knew her for a life time.  When