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Bill Cosby Is A Monster & So Are You

I honestly don't think you or anyone else like you who added a "but" to Bill Cosby's justified conviction truly "get it". Here's the thing, unless you go through the pain of being raped whether while being conscious or unconscious you never will. Which is fine, that's a pain that I don't wish on anyone and it takes years to heal. I'm still not healed, and it's been almost two decades for me. WE NEED TO TRUST WOMEN. Ask me what I mean by that instead of providing your view of what that means because this is a sensitive topic for many of us. If a woman (this also applies to girls, boys, and men) comes forward with a story of violation. Take her/them seriously. Interview her. Interview the accused. Diligently gather evidence, if any exists. Sometimes, there are no witnesses but the people involved, that does NOT mean this person should get off free. Regardless of what religious tenet you follow because sexual crimes occur a lot,

A Lesson in Perserverance and Confidence at MIST Philly

This weekend was the event that most of our students in MSA had been waiting for, MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament) Philly! We have well over 25 students who decided to compete in several categories including, Improvisation, Qur'an, Spoken Word, and Debate. Unlike last year, our team also included some of our students who are not Muslim which I loved! The category I looked forward to the most, was probably Debate because that's the team I would've joined in high school if I didn't do track. I’ve been able to judge debates and I assign them as activities in my classes. However, I've never had the opportunity to coach one. When the girls told me they were entering debate and they needed helped I was so excited but worried because I knew time was limited. I talked to the girls a few days later and gave them a run down about how things would go and how to prepare. Mind you, these girls are in high level programs at Northeast and involved in several club