Bill Cosby Is A Monster & So Are You

I honestly don't think you or anyone else like you who added a "but" to Bill Cosby's justified conviction truly "get it". Here's the thing, unless you go through the pain of being raped whether while being conscious or unconscious you never will. Which is fine, that's a pain that I don't wish on anyone and it takes years to heal. I'm still not healed, and it's been almost two decades for me.
WE NEED TO TRUST WOMEN. Ask me what I mean by that instead of providing your view of what that means because this is a sensitive topic for many of us. If a woman (this also applies to girls, boys, and men) comes forward with a story of violation. Take her/them seriously. Interview her. Interview the accused. Diligently gather evidence, if any exists. Sometimes, there are no witnesses but the people involved, that does NOT mean this person should get off free.
Regardless of what religious tenet you follow because sexual crimes occur a lot, and often times, there is no one to corroborate the stories. And as for the public, you should, if you don't believe the accuser, at the very least remain quiet, or research before opening your mouth. Take into consideration that one out of every six American women have been victims of rape, juxtapose that to one out of 33 American men have been raped. So when I say trust women, I mean that shit. Trust us when we say that we've been sexually assaulted and/or raped because 17 million of us have. And in the time that I've typed this, almost 5 Americans have been sexually assaulted.
Violation, even by touching is emotionally taxing on one's self esteem, spirit, and physical development. Rape and/or sexual assault which includes penetration is another beast. You never heal from that. You go through the motions until the pain is dull, but you never heal. That's why some of your facebook status's have caused irreparable damage in our healing. This is why I feel, the world hates women. You want us to suffer, even when we've come through the fire and tried to put ourselves back whole again.
SEXUAL ASSAULT NEVER HEALS. And guess what, at any moment, the pain can become very real and fresh again because the memories, if you were conscious or semi-conscious are always latent and ready to pop up at any moment. Sometimes it's a particular smell, sometime it's the touch of your significant other that triggers it, sometimes it's a place. When this happens, you find yourself temporarily debilitated.
VIOLATION AFFECTS RELATIONSHIPS TOO. Not just with your husband/partner but also with your kids. Rape survivors find themselves in some cases not being able to hug their children tightly, sometimes they're afraid of changing their child's diapers (because they fear they're not being gentle enough), and sometimes, we don't want our partners to touch us because how they touch us could trigger or has triggered a memory.
WHY DON'T THEY SAY ANYTHING SOONER? Women don't come forward because YOU don't TRUST WOMEN. You don't TRUST CHILDREN. You don't believe us, regardless of who's the perpetrator and who is the victim to come forward. Sometimes the pain is debilitating. Sometimes, you're scared and if the perp is powerful, or well liked, you can't deal with the backlash or the negative comments people will undoubtedly have about you. There should NEVER be a time limit on when one finally feels safe enough, feels protected enough, feels brave enough to come forward with their story. Until society gets this concept, we survivors will continue to SUFFER in SILENCE.
BUT WHY ARE THEY STILL IN CONTACT? It depends on the victim. Sometimes you remain in contact because you're in the same circles, you are in the same family, you must have contact with the rapist. Sometimes the attacker is someone who writes your checks, or has power. Sometimes, it's as simple as survival. You have to survive and the person who violated you hold the keys to your survival. For many young victims, this is especially the case. Just because someone is in contact does not mean they've healed, it does not mean they're lying, it simply means they're more than likely trying to forget that it happened so they can move on with their life. It doesn't make the rapist any less guilty. I know for ME, it was survival.
BILL COSBY IS A MONSTER. Not only is he a monster, he's a pompous asshole. He denigrated our community for years by not saying anything we didn't already know. He charged forward with his respectability politics forgetting that the people that he was speaking ill of never had anyone to mentor them, to nurture them, to help them move forward in life. I would have respected him if he not only was speaking out, but also creating mentoring programs around the city. If he was volunteering at our schools. No, his declaration was self-serving, and as we now know, possibly even fueled by the fact that he was a predator. Most monsters don't look like monsters. Most monsters have two faces, one they have for the public, and one they have for their victims. These monsters use their money, power, good deeds, and influence to victimize women unchecked because the world suffers from misogynistic tendencies and they'd rather defend a powerful man (or woman for that matter) than to believe and uplift a victim. There are SIXTY ACCUSERS, SIXTY. Let that shit sink in. HE IS A FUCKING MONSTER. A PREDATOR. The very worse of society! And if you're defending him, that makes you a monster too.

FAKE NEWS. Stop sharing that damn article about Bill Cosby about to take over NBC. That man wasn't taking over shit. He tried to purchase it in the early 90's. It didn't happen, wasn't gonna happen. The End. By the way, instead of going with the mob, why not research for yourself. One simple look around the website "Your News Wire" would have told you that nothing written on that platform is credible. This is how Trump won the election. Stop with the folly. Nobody launched a campaign to destroy bill, his own sexual desires and perversions destroyed himself. Just read the link. Those are his words. You can't argue with his words!
THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AIN'T FAIR. I know this. You know this. Bill Cosby knows this, after all, he spoke so much about it in regards to Black people committing crimes. He justified police killings by blaming the victim. As if police, or anyone else for that matter, ever needed a reason to shoot Black people. Regardless, I personally was very careful in the beginning NOT to say anything about Bill Cosby because I'm very aware of the historical impact of sexual assault claims by white women against Black men. However, once I read about his deposition, once I researched and realized the sheer amount of women that came forward, both White and Black, I realized that there's no way in hell, I (and I thought) anyone else could defend him. There are plenty of men/women languishing in jail for a crime they did not commit. Hell, Assata has to live in exile because she has a million dollar bounty on her head. Yes the system isn't fair, but using some of the words of Cosby himself about Black men committing crimes, "What the hell was he doing with quaaludes in his hand? What the hell was he doing raping/sexually assaulting women?"
YOU'RE CANCELLED. So, I'm done arguing with any of you about Bill Cosby. If you're adding a "but" when discussing him, you're indeed trash. You're a Monster for defending a monster and I don't respect you. If you're using this as a way to somehow bring up Black women and how they're in cahoots with the government to bring down the Black man. If you also want to bring up your personal matters in regards to YOU not wanting to pay child support for the seeds you created and you're bitter that your baby mom is forcing you to take care of your responsibilities, well that makes you an ignorant emotional ass, and I have no use for you either. If you're sharing that dumb ass meme about colleges giving him back the money he donated, please log off. What they should be doing is donating the money to his victims or sexual assault organizations.
If you want to educate yourself, read the links below, then get on Facebook and apologize to all of the women/men/boys/girls "survivors" that you've triggered if you truly get it. Otherwise, we have no use for you...because you're a Monster.

It took me 4,620 seconds to write this article, in that time, 47 Americans were sexually assaulted. If you're not bringing awareness to this, what are you doing?

Sexual Assault Statistics:
How Cosby's 'Pound Cake' Speech Helped Lead to His Downfall:
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Click Here To Help Innocent People Get Out Of Jail:


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