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Eid, Themes, and a Trip Down Memory Lane

I've always loved and looked forward to Eid. Perhaps because it was the only holiday that I was ever allowed to celebrate openly in my younger years. Growing up non-denominational Christian within the Church of Christ meant that I did not get to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. When I converted in my teen years, I always got excited for Eid. It was the time of year where I could get fancy, take pictures, and have fun, three things I've always loved to do. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted Eid to be special for the kids. So I wrapped presents and we get fancy and sometimes more recently, I hang decorations. In addition, I try to center our looks around a theme or at least coordinate all together because...why not? Now, some years, Matt has totally not been or board or just didn't care (he's so not into fashion/clothes) but lately, I've been able to reel him in. Even if he's only partially in theme. LOL. Outfit planning