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On Love & Liberation - Black Muslim Psychology Conference Day 3

Due to not wanting the post to be super long, I divided up my recap of the Black Muslim Psychology Conference into two parts. Part one, can be found by clicking here . Continue below if you've already read the first blog. As a recap of part one, BMPC is what I'd envision life like as a Black woman living in a society that values my body, my intellect, my beauty, & my lived experiences. It's like a three day therapy session, history class, & cultural extravaganza rolled into one.  If you haven't attended yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Hopefully this detailed blog will answer some of your questions and be your motivation to attend next year :) While I'm still processing my experience from this year, I'm already looking forward to next year, especially because of the theme "The Mis-Education of the Black Muslim".  Mark your calendars so that you can get a taste of Black liberation and meet all of tho

On Love and Liberation - Black Muslim Psychology Conference Day 1 & 2

I've been trying to figure out how to explain to you what I feel when attending the Black Muslim Psychology Conference (BMPC). Last year , while writing about the experience, I couldn't find the right words to describe it. However, this year's theme Love & Liberation certainly helped to put things in perspective for me on the importance and value of this conference. Though the event this year was held at the beautiful & picturesque grounds of the Chubbs Hotel & Conference Center, not necessarily a place you'd describe as a Black Mecca, walking through the doors, a transformation occurred. I literally felt like the space upon walking in was sacred, safe, and most importantly buzzing with a since of Black fulfillment that is hard to find unless it is a space we create within our homes, religious institutions, schools or backyards.  BMPC felt like the first game of spades that I've played in years at my friends' Yaasiyn and Ismael's (bot

Why The Sistah's in Business Expo Was Exactly What I Needed

I decided a few days before that I was going to take steps to turn an idea that I had into a business. I had an idea, I had a name, I had a logo, I just didn't have a business plan. So, I called Temple University's Small Business Center which is a free resource to Philadelphians who wish to embark on entrepreneurship. I was so very excited but also scared to go any further. I just wasn't sure if now was the right time to jump in.  When I got the opportunity to cover Sistah's in Business Expo , I hoped that it would help empower me to finish my business plan and take the necessary steps to launch within the next couple of months. Turns out, the expo ended up being everything I was hoping it would be plus more. Actress, Producer, and Author, Vivica Fox, motivated me during her Q & A so much that I went home the next day with my sister Rafiah who also attended, wrote out a two year plan for my life and then created a vision board.