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Back To School Advice For Parents Who Rock!

If you have four kids like I do, they've worn you out all summer and you're most happy that school is starting tomorrow. You've robustly walked up and down the aisles happily (or not) tossing rulers, notebooks, paper towels, etc., into your cart. You've also probably just finished the grocery shopping and added a bunch of snacks, juices, luncheon meat, and other processed items do you won't have to give your kids lunch money every single day. New clothes have already been purchased and they're currently laid out on your child's bed as a painful reminder to them that it's time to get back into work mode. All these things are typical actions to get ready for back to school, but as a Mother and History teacher, I want to share a few more things you can and should do to get the year started off right! 1. We all know that parents are busy and sometimes you can't make it to the conference or back to school night despite having good intentions to